About Us

About Our Community

We are here to inspire and build a legacy in our actions. Our aim is to take the hassle and tension away from the usual working environment and give a truly pleasant experience to our clients. We strive to innovate and grow new possibilities for the ever-increasing hustle of working spaces.

Our Story

We at Works9to9, are a bunch of raw materials who mould spaces into productive workspaces.
With the growing number of Corporates & Startups, we understand that the need for state of art workspaces procurable at a reasonable cost is a bit of a challenge today and business owners have to compromise on either the cost or the quality to be able to provide a decent workspace for their employees.
 The idea of Works 9 to 9 was conceived thus!
This is our genuine attempt to change the present "coworking” scene midst the corporates where we operate with a mission of turning the present co-working experience into a cosy, comfortable & highly productive working experience.
Works 9 to 9 is a part of the famous Srishi group of companies comprising of enterprises in various sectors including Agriculture, Civil & Infrastructure, Spaces, Consultancies, Import & Export.
We aim to provide solutions to all kinds of space requirements & space management and, keep up with the growing needs & trends of the market. Our constant innovation and keeping up with the trend has let us stay ahead of the game as a brand.

What We Do

We are all about SaaS...Space as a Service!
Whether a Corporate or a Start-Up, our list of space management services are just ideal for both.
While Corporates today are renting out expensive workspaces, the startups on the other hand are limited to a "garage office”. Our solution is for both, where the former could cut down on rental expenses & increasing productivities while the latter could get a fantastic workspace at a reasonable rate.
We offer customized space management solutions that cater to enterprises big and small with any number of employees. 
Private Cabins, Private Office, Virtual Office, Dedicated Desks are a few of our Space Management Offerings.
We take pride in creating refreshing and comfortable designer workspaces with unmatched features that add value and productivity to our clients.

Core Values

"To Organize the abundant working space available & make it accessible and useful to everyone”
Our Core Values include...
Working with Respect
As an organization, mutual respect is our prime value and we as a team operate on professional and friendly grounds.
Inspire Passion
We offer stylish, comfortable & cost-effective workspaces to enable Professionals & Business Owners to focus on their soaring bottom-line & improve efficiency & productivity.
We believe in being transparent & open to having a healthy working atmosphere.
A Work Place Close to Heart
Our culture lets employees operate with highest levels of freedom & creativity. Monday Morning Blues is not for us!

Our Services

  • Various working space
  • Private meeting room
  • Hire computer
  • 24 Hours CCTv Survilence
  • High-speed wireless internet
  • IT Support